Tralogy 2011 – Conference on Translation and Technology

Tralogy is a 2-day conference which I will be attending on 3 & 4 March 2011. The theme of the conference, organised by the CNRS is Paris,  is “Translation Careers and Technologies and the Convergence Points for the Future”.

Technology represents both an advantage and a threat for professional translators. Computer-aided-translation tools such as Trados, which I use, help translators to create extended  memories and rapidly find previous translations for difficult terms and phrases. They also allow us to guarantee consistency and to create powerful terminology bases. However, machine translation is becoming increasingly powerful and new crowdsourcing business models are being developed in the translation industry leading translators to wonder what the translation industry of the future will look like. Perhaps, Tralogy might provide some of the answers.

Personally I think technology helps to make good translation even better, by making it increasingly easy to check translations against other translated content using tools like Linguee or one’s own translation memories, but also increases the amount of poor translation available out there – Google translate is a culprit of this, but can be a useful tool when used by a skilled linguist. Hopefully Traology will provide a few clues on how to stay ahead of the game by making the best of technology, but still ensuring that the services of  a professional translator add real value.

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