Recent Work

A selection of recent translation work:


  • Wine & Spirits market study
  • Web radio programme scripts and video subtitles
  • Website for a corporate events company
  • Engineering company references and corporate publicity (wastewater management, urban design, transport design, etc).
  • Company business plans and proposals
  • Curriculum vitaes for engineering projects
  • Company website for a hydrodynamics engineering firm
  • Company presentation for an industrial fire protection systems consultancy
  • Website for a French winery
  • Commercial property lease
  • Company presentation for a car insurance merger deal
  • General purchase conditions for an IT services provider

Sustainable development:

  • Questionnaire on the links between air pollution and pesticides
  • Urban and architectural recommedations for climate friendly building
  • Report on urban design and development for settlements in Libya
  • Report on water issues and sustainable agriculture strategies in the Sahara desert
  • Formal letters to various French and foreign ministries
  • Report on Climate change adaptation strategies for the Maldives
  • Marketing proposal for rural community-based tourism project in Peru

Arts, Culture & Leisure:

  • Press pack for a theatre production
  • Articles on music and arts festivals
  • Article on a French hunting museum for an arts magazine
  • Large volume tourism database (Descriptions of hotels, restaurants, leisure activities, sites, etc.)
  • Articles on sailing and surfing


  • Academic articles on the history of French corporate accounting
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